Professional learning reimagined. Education as a service.

High quality professional learning the way 21st century professionals want it:

flexible, convenient, rapid, and economical

Professional learning reimagined.

High quality professional learning that addresses the needs of 21st century professionals: flexibility, convenience, rapid completion, and economical.

What We Do

Since our inception in 2003, ASPD has worked to reimagine professional learning for teachers and principals because we know that 21st Century educators want high quality professional learning that is fast, focused, and inexpensive – and our numbers tell the story that we are doing it!

Graduate Credit Courses

Over 20 graduate courses built around a reflective practice professional development model continue to attract growing numbers of teachers who earn graduate credit from the fully accredited Brandman University.

Public Workshops and Seminars

Public workshops and seminars offered throughout the U.S. draw record numbers of teachers and administrators seeking practical solutions as they strive to meet the increasingly complex demands placed upon them in educating ALL students – particularly the challenges of preparing students to meet the newly adopted and more rigorous College and Career Readiness standards and the changing high-stakes assessments designed to measure the degree to which students are ‘on-track’ to meet these standards.

Customized Solutions

ASPD continues to expand our customized solutions in response to requests from districts and schools – whether called upon by the institutions themselves or other providers seeking ASPD as a strategic partner.

Simply put, if you need it, we can probably provide it – so ASK us!

How We Do It

ASPD’s mission is to provide educators as well as schools and districts with low-cost, high quality professional learning that addresses the needs of 21st century professionals: flexibility, convenience, rapid completion, and economical.

Brandman University

ASPD BrandmanLogoOur commitment to quality is recognized by the Brandman University School of Extended Learning which makes graduate credit available for more than twenty ASPD courses – and this number continues to grow!  This partnership has allowed ASPD to support hundreds of teachers in fulfilling a multitude of professional goals – including earning additional endorsements/add-on certifications, meeting recertification requirements, achieving state, district, and employer professional development requirements, lane/step/salary advancement, electives in graduate programs, and more!

Illinois State Board of Education


This partnership has allowed ASPD to provide high quality, low-cost coursework options that has aided hundreds of IL teachers in earning their IL ESL, Bilingual, and Middle School Endorsements!

As an approved provider of IL Administrator Academy programs and IL CPDU programs, ASPD offers a number of non-credit professional learning programs which administrators and teachers use to advance their skills and fulfill state recertification requirements.

State of Louisiana Office of Higher Education

LA StateLogoASPD’s quality was most recently recognized when our courses were approved by the State of Louisiana Office of Higher Education and Teacher Certification as fulfilling the LA ESL Endorsement requirements.

We are now pleased to welcome the growing numbers of Louisiana teachers now completing their ESL Endorsement coursework through ASPD!