In 2003, a group of educators recognized a growing need for high quality professional development that provided educators with options beyond on-site workshops and courses.  After seeing the increasing flexibility of professional learning options in business and other fields, the vision of providing high-quality, low-cost, accessible professional learning lead to the formation of ASPD.


ASPD’s mission is to provide educators as well as schools and districts with low-cost, high quality professional learning that addresses the needs of 21st century professionals: flexibility, convenience, rapid completion, and economical.

To accomplish this mission, ASPD offers graduate credit courses in partnership with Brandman University, IL Administrators Academy credit programs, IL CPDU credit programs, Common Core State Standards Transition Support Services and Programs, and a host of other related services.


In 2008, our high quality programs were recognized by Brandman University who agreed to provide graduate credit for many of our courses.  As a result, we are proud to have helped hundreds of teachers earn thousands of graduate credits which they applied to achieve a wide variety of professional development goals including salary advancement, recertification and acquisition of ESL, Bilingual, and Middle School endorsements/add-on certifications in their states.

2012 brought the expansion into developing and delivering workforce development programs. The increase of English language learners entering America’s workforce, coupled with the poor schooling that has plagued minority and low income communities presents increasing challenges to employers.  As a result of its reputation, ASPD was a logical source for workforce training solutions.

Keeping pace with the ever-changing educational landscape, since 2011, ASPD has become known as a leader for Common Core State Standards transition support services.  Since then, ASPD has been sought to support school and districts throughout the country and continues to expand in this area.

Throughout this period ASPD has maintained its approval as an approved provider of IL recertification programs (CPDU programs) and IL Administrators Academy programs.

Regardless of where and to whom our programs are offered, we are committed to developing capacity and sustainability.

Give a person a fish and s/he will eat for a day; teach someone to fish, and s/he eats for a lifetime.


In this day and age of looking at the ‘bottom line’, we are pleased to share that we have helped hundreds of teachers fulfill a wide variety of professional development goals that have resulted in a number of positive outcomes which include the following:

  • Hundreds of newly endorsed ESL, Bilingual, and Middle School Endorsements
  • Districts and schools have access to a larger pool of properly credentialed teachers for ESL, Bilingual, and Middle School positions
  • New IL Administrators Academy programs support IL Administrators in implementing the Common Core State Standards
  • Hundreds of IL Administrators are trained to lead Common Core implementation
  • A wide variety of recertification programs and services are available to individuals, schools, and districts