“Throughout my teaching career, I’ve always taught ELLs from a variety of cultures.  I always thought that I was doing a good job teaching these students content and language, but I never knew for sure if I was teaching the students about language using the best pedagogical practices.

After taking the ASPD ESL courses, I began to have the ability to self-assess my strategies and effectiveness as a teacher.  I’m definitely clearer and more confident in my work with ELLs.

Thanks, ASPD!”

“I am so thankful for the ESL Endorsement courses through ASPD!  I am glad that I completed them!”

“I found ASPD’s courses quite valuable!  The course module really focus in on the course content pretty specifically.  The books are well-chosen and helpful to me as a classroom teacher and the videos and print materials are wonderful!”

“ASPD’s plan to offer courses at my school and around our calendar and schedule was great.  The location and time of the class was the perfect way to get started on my endorsement courses.”

“I really like the flexibility of taking the classes at my own pace as well as how friendly and approachable instructors are, particularly in the onsite courses.    I’m definitely recommending others!”

“I initially registered for the course Understanding/Teaching/Supporting Middle School Students to meet state requirements, filled with a sense of dread at the chore ahead of me.  However, shortly after delving into it I found myself eager to carve out time for working on the course because everything I was reading, viewing, or writing increased my understanding of adolescent students.   This course was energizing and I highly recommend it for school staff as well parents.”

“ASPD’s programs are extremely convenient and work around a busy schedule. My understandings of ESL instruction started right form the first class I took. Our class discussions brought up some interesting challenges and I liked the interaction with other teachers. I’m finding the coursework can be applied to classroom instruction and easily integrated with what I’m doing on a daily basis.”

“The flexible class schedules and the option of taking online classes are a real plus for busy teachers like me.”  

“Very valuable and I’m glad I chose ASPD!  The fully online and blended classes are definitely convenient and the instructor is great.”

“Fantastic!! Professional experience with high educational standards. Instructor with a really and professional field experience.”